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Young, Black, & Married

How to Snuggle through the Struggle

is described as a comprehensive approach to couple's therapy covering the various issues that arise in virtually every marriage and detailing ways of how to handle them effectively.The James', offer couples advice, who might be finding it difficult to stay together or happily married, from both a man and a woman's perspective.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

is continuing our goal of rebuilding Black Wall Street, one brick at a time, starting with the family. We share our story of turning our family into a business. We offer steps to help get your family started, along with useful tips and ideas. The information we provide will help you save time and money in this how­-to guide. Study together as a family!

Back to the Basics 

is the third edition to the “Young, Black, & Married” book series. Mesi and I are always asked, “What’s the secret to your relationship?”. My answer is date nights! Date nights are important to ensure quality time and strengthen intimacy.  Most of the ideas listed are catered to couples looking to build a bond with one another. Also, many of the date night ideas listed are low to no cost! Add your own personal touch and make her feel special.

Relationships need empowerment and the James' are here to help!